Ciao a tutti!

Beautiful Castel Sant’Angelo at night

My life has changed so much (for the better) since I first landed in Rome, Italy in January 2023.  Spending the spring and fall semester at Temple University Rome has made 2023 a real whirlwind. I am realizing now that as of tomorrow, November 15th, I will officially have one month left of this journey. As the days go on, that sentiment  will definitely hit me more, but for now, basking in the beauty of the ancient city is all there is to do (and leaving you all with a reflection).

First photo of myself in Rome (January 2023)

Exploring Rome—and so many other places—has been the highlight of my life. My roommates and I always talk about how we know we will be back in Italy one day, but never again in this capacity. 

View from my apartment patio!
The view from my apartment patio!

The experience of being abroad is an experience that reflects one of the main Jesuit sayings here at Holy Cross: cura personalis, or care for the whole person. Being in a new culture surrounded new people and new experiences allows every part of your being to come to greater fruition. You are forced to evaluate who you are and grow. I’m so proud to say that not only have I blossomed intellectually—I’m an art history major studying in Rome…that was inevitable BUT I have also grown as a person and there is nothing better.

I’m starting to build my final list of places to see—for the first time, and the last. One last midday metro ride to walk around the Colosseum (which to be fair, I haven’t seen since May),

Beautiful Castel Sant’Angelo at night
Beautiful Castel Sant’Angelo at night

one last Castel Sant’ Angelo night stroll, one last adventure in the neighborhood of Trastevere, one last conversation on my apartment patio, and a first visit to the Doria Pamphilj Gallery (art history student vibes!).

But, don’t get me started on the final foods…I am not prepared to talk about that yet. Pasta is one of the reason I chose Italy.

Since I can remember, pasta has always been my favorite food. While I have have had my fair share of pasta, and while I do need to take a break and eat other things from time to time, it never fails to satisfy. The quality is really unmatched, but when you move here and realize what exists beyond pasta…life will never be the same (but I don’t want it to).

I am glad to have memories to appreciate and fondly look back on.

(Saying goodbye to friends is something that will have to be discussed in a pater blog post…it’s too soon)